sabato 10 novembre 2012

Bring your own device... becoming more and more popular around the world, despite of security concerns and productivity. I still remember in a past experience the IT director who was looking for a crawler able to spider into personal content of computers employees... the approach is dramatically changing, even if still with grey areas to be solved.

Savings are not a key factor, but employee satisfaction. Have a look at this outstanding Infographic. It is an incredible job done by the guys of UsabilityGeek

venerdì 9 novembre 2012

Mobile and aftersales online services are the winning leverages

At least, those are 2 out the 8 standpoints in the executive summary of CapGemini's annual report on the Online Automotive Sector.

I am still wondering why car manufacturers are not considering that any customer has at least a smartphone that contains his 'life'; I would expect a simple iPhone/Galaxy plug where to put my phone, instead of spending 2k € for an up-to-date silly navigation system.

Has anybody tried the latency time of the WV system, even compared to the silliest smartphone?


Here the infographic and the full report

mercoledì 7 novembre 2012

Sorry for the absence... :-)

I've taken a long pause before starting writing again. In the middle a lot of things happened: a new working experience, back home in  Milan and a lot of new ideas on the table.

Even if I'm closer to my home, still I have less time. I'll do my best to mantain the blog updated, but can not guarantee it :-))
And it will be done mainly in Italian, but with some relevant english posts.

Let's keep working together again on the digital marketing matters.